Overcoming Pregnancy Challenges

3 Things Your OBGYN Can Do To Help You Get Through The First Trimester

Finding out that you are pregnant is something that is incredibly exciting. You are growing a human life inside of you and adding a new member to your family. However, sometimes all of these changes in your body can cause it to do some pretty weird things. You may also have several new emotions while you are pregnant, both because of your changing hormones and because of this huge life change that is happening for you. Read More 

Three Simple Suggestions To Stay Happy And Healthy During Pregnancy

There is perhaps nothing that is more beautiful than being able to bring a life into this world. A woman's body is absolutely amazing; it can allow another human being to develop all while nourishing the soon-to-be baby. However, the pregnancy can take an emotional and physical toll on you and your family. It is very important that you stay happy and healthy during the pregnancy. This article is going to give three great suggestions to help you and your family stay happy and healthy. Read More 

Warning Signs Of Kidney Disease In Pregnancy

Kidney disease is a serious concern for women who become pregnant because it can put your body and the developing baby at risk for serious complications. While you may not recognize blatant symptoms of kidney disease right away, there are some things that you can be attentive to. The following are three common indications of kidney disease in pregnant women. The sooner you spot these signs, the sooner you and your obstetrician can treat the problem. Read More 

Mama Never Said There Would Be Days Like This: Some Less Talked About Signs Of Perimenopause

When you were nearing the approach of adolescence, you were made to endure the talk in which you were briefed on menstruation and other pertinent points of womanhood. Now that you have entered your perimenopausal phase of life, you realize that no one has given you the talk to prepare you for the symptoms that you are now experiencing. Most women are familiar with the most common signs of perimenopause, such as irregular periods, hot flashes and mood swings, but some are discovering some less common signs through their own experiences and through conversations with their peers who are in the same boat. Read More 

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Overcoming Pregnancy Challenges

A few years ago when I discovered that I was pregnant, I was over the moon with excitement. However, my happiness was quickly shattered when I discovered that I had miscarried my baby. I didn't know how I would cope with the loss, until I talked with my doctor. My doctor shared helpful statistics with me about my chances for becoming pregnant in the future, and overcoming my own fertility issues. I know how hard it can be to deal with the loss of a pregnancy, which is why I made this blog. Read these articles to discover more about pregnancy, childbirth, and overcoming pregnancy challenges.


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